Mike is a seasoned entrepreneur. Mike knows no boundaries, operates in a box with no walls, and is industry agnostic. He has created multiple multi-million dollar businesses in various sectors. He has also experienced setbacks, but, so what? That’s what makes it fun. Mike has never quit because he has never lost hope. And neither should you.


Mike is an expert in the people business. He learned at a young age in order to maximize his time, talent and opportunities, he had to focus on developing strategic relationships. Mike takes his decades of experience to train executive and sales teams to create successful, disruptive networking practices.


The life of an entrepreneur is not all roses. The good news is with struggles come increased efficiencies, better problem identification and most importantly, the opportunity to maximize growth. All people learn the most from their failures, not their successes. Mike inspires people by speaking about his ingenious approach and energetic anecdotes.

By Creating a Culture of Connection and Embracing Failure you will increase your sales and profits.

Mike Regina is a business leader, connector and influencer who has generously given considerable time over the last 3 years to inspire and help students in my Temple University courses on Personal Branding.  Mike’s unique perspective on building an authentic personal brand based on “social capital” resonates for every demographic and profession.  His ability to genuinely connect with people, and create networks that open up opportunities for others is unprecedented in my experiences and welcomed by so many.

David Thompson | President

Bongo Marketing & Media LLC / Adjunct Professor, Temple Univ.

Mike dares his audience to be memorable, and that he is. He is an energized, interactive speaker that truly connects with his audience. He brings inspiring ideas to everyday business challenges and leaves his audience with actionable insights and takeaways.

Adrienne D. | Marlton, NJ

Director of Marketing / Alloy Silverstein Accountants

Awesome presentation! I would listen to this presentation multiple times again – it would never get old. Mike was really knowledgeable on the topic & what it takes to make true connections. Thanks!!

Alyssa Hart

Technology Director/Marketing Assistant, The Rahn Companies

I can’t stop thinking about your speaking event last Wednesday, it left me feeling inspired. Commit, create, connect truly adds structure and creates the ultimate experience. Thanks so much, your message is AWESOME!

Stephanie Rizzi

Store Manager for the Cherry Hill/Philadelphia Market