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How frustrating is it when you're having a conversation and don't feel heard?

Many people tend to be more interested in making sure others know how successful, intelligent and important they are. These same people don't actively listen to what someone else says.

We have two ears and one mouth. Listen with passion.

Now, go forth and conquer!

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Your personal and start-up brand is a marriage made in heaven.

You are the brand's most vital asset because you create the relationships and form the foundation for trust and choice.

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Are you ready for next week’s episode of Tips in 10 with @jeff_wickersham ?? 🔥

Learn how to unleash the inner you!

By finding your inner power and harnessing it, you will be able to achieve even more than you thought possible.

Jeff dives deeper into how mindset, accountability, and discipline make you and your company soar to new heights.

🎥 Join us at our live event on Wednesday, May 4th, at noon EST.

Click the link in my bio to add the event to your calendar!

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You can’t hang out with negative people and expect to have a positive life.
Your social circle influences your habits and shapes who you are, for better or worse. Over time, you begin to behave as they behave and think as they think. 
If you surround yourself with like-minded people, it will be hard not to achieve your goals. Be intentional about it. Put yourself in a position to elevate yourself and your business. However, the top priority is helping others achieve success as well. These goals and ambitions are attained over time.
You have the power to form your circle with others who propel you forward.

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💵 Relationships are the currency of a business. 
Building your network should be focused on helping others first. Counterproductive? NO, it’s the complete opposite. Do what you can to ensure that all ships rise with the tide and watch what happens to your business. When people recognize that you’re not just in it for yourself, you build trust, loyalty, and a community that genuinely wants to see you succeed.
Don’t overthink it and use the K.I.S.S. theory: Keep It Simple, Silly!

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April 9th, 2003, two people took $2,500 each and started a business that would change their lives’ trajectory.

Before forming that company, the two gentlemen (not everyone would call them that 🤣) started at the bottom of the ladder. They shoveled enough dirt to build a ski mountain, picked more clay to build the foundation of a large housing development, and made enough mistakes never to pass a grade. Regardless, they pressed on every day and learned through failures and the mentoring of many, especially their father.

This past weekend we celebrated Big Sky Enterprise’s 19th birthday, and 19 years of business doesn’t happen without an incredible team who give their blood, sweat, and tears for our clients day in and day out. None of this happened without the most notable clients anyone could ask for, who are now family. None of this happened without the most incredible team of professionals and subcontractors who continually go above the call of duty to get the project to the finished line. None of this happened without the support of our family, who had to work OT at home because we had to work long hours. None of this happened without the community’s support and the many business associates we call friends.

When people ask me what I would change, I would say nothing because the ups and downs (2008 had us on the brink of bankruptcy, BTW - what a lesson that was!!) made us who we are today.

Thank you to all who have been a part of the journey, it’s been a great ride, but I’m even more excited for what God has in store for us going forward.

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Finding your passion and understanding your purpose in this world can give you all the more confidence to conquer your life.

Let's finish this week strong. #LetsGO! 👊

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One of the most common reactions to failure is to regret even trying.

If we do nothing, say nothing, and stand for nothing, we can avoid failure. But what do we have in the end? A lot of nothing. 👊

Leaders emerge from picking themselves up after failures. Better decisions emerge. A better you will appear. Don’t withhold that opportunity from yourself.

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Mike Regina is a business leader, connector and influencer who has generously given considerable time over the last 3 years to inspire and help students in my Temple University courses on Personal Branding.  Mike's unique perspective on building an authentic personal brand based on “social capital” resonates for every demographic and profession.  His ability to genuinely connect with people, and create networks that open up opportunities for others is unprecedented in my experiences and welcomed by so many.

David Thompson | President

Bongo Marketing & Media LLC / Adjunct Professor, Temple Univ.
Mike was interesting, engaging, and funny! I walked away with the feeling of being prepared for a sales call, being consistent, and having a positive approach to life and business. I would certainly recommend him as a speaker.

Michael Briggs

Specification Salesperson at Pollart Electric

Mike dares his audience to be memorable, and that he is. He is an energized, interactive speaker that truly connects with his audience. He brings inspiring ideas to everyday business challenges and leaves his audience with actionable insights and takeaways.

Adrienne D. | Marlton, NJ

Director of Marketing / Alloy Silverstein Accountants

Awesome presentation! I would listen to this presentation multiple times again – it would never get old. Mike was really knowledgeable on the topic & what it takes to make true connections. Thanks!!

Alyssa Hart

Technology Director/Marketing Assistant, The Rahn Companies

I can’t stop thinking about your speaking event last Wednesday, it left me feeling inspired. Commit, create, connect truly adds structure and creates the ultimate experience. Thanks so much, your message is AWESOME!

Stephanie Rizzi

Store Manager for the Cherry Hill/Philadelphia Market