14Nov 2019

Leveraging Social Media to Inquire About a Job

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Today, we are posting the last piece of our 3-part Millennial Minute series about How do you get a job without experience? We all have social media, and we all use it. So is it acceptable to use social media to inquire about a job?  Social media is a great way to engage with companies. These platforms hold a wealth of information available at anytime and anywhere to dive deeper into a company. You can learn about a company’s culture, mission, brand voice, and how the employees engage all on social media. This is a great place to begin company exploration.  After you have done your deep dive and you have found a company that sparks your interest, the next step is to find your dream job [...]

7Nov 2019

Don’t Fake It Until You Make It!

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In the second video of our 3-part Millennial Minute series on How do you get a job without any experience?, we discuss the importance of being your true self.   Don’t try to be someone that you’re not in an interview. It will define the tone of how you will perform in that position. “You shouldn’t be faking it, you should come as you are, but come as the best version that you are.” - Jaz Don’t sell yourself as something that you are not in an interview. This could actually set you up to fail in that position. Why? You’ll have to be someone you aren’t. This can create self-doubt and create imposter syndrome. Over time, you will begin to feel stuck in that position.  You won’t [...]

29Oct 2019

How to Get a Job Without Any Experience

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We are excited to launch the start of Millennial Minute! Millennial Minute will be an ongoing video series where Jazmin, our resident Millennial, will discuss various aspects of business life from the mindset of her generation and the younger Gen-Z college graduates. At various times, we will add Mike’s perspective as Generation X to deliver two different perspectives on the same topics. For the launch, we are running a 3-part series geared to newly-graduated college students to help them maneuver through the intimidating labyrinth of landing that first job. We want to help you break out! Coming from these two points of view, Mike and Jaz share their individual experiences and thoughts to speak to the most sought-after generation employers are targeting: 20 and 30 somethings.  For the [...]

14Oct 2019

Do You Love What You Do? Find Passion In Your Job!

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According to Deloitte Shift Index Survey, 87% of people don’t have a passion for what they do. Adults employed full time in the U.S. report working an average of 47 hours per week, almost a full workday longer than what a standard five-day, 9-to-5 schedule entails. That means by far the majority of our time is spent working. For too many of us, work comes with little to no passion. Why? Because it’s “work.” Unhappiness at work can impact you in more ways than one, here are just a few: 25% of Americans say their number 1 source of stress is their job. If you are spending ⅓ of your life doing something you don’t enjoy, this can create mental and physical health implications. Stress [...]

30Sep 2019

How to Make a Great First Impression

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We may all think we crush first impressions.  But do we really? I’m going to remind you why a thought-out first impression is vital to expand our  professional and personal lives. Strategic, sincere first impressions are fundamental for continued prosperity wherever we are in life, from just starting out after college to moving to another city to accept an executive position. And, of course, this spills equally into our personal life.  We have only one shot to make an exceptional first impression.  For some of us, we may be happy in our career and our social worlds, so meeting new people may not be a top priority. Maybe you have even gotten lazy about putting that critical right foot forward every time you shake a new person’s [...]

19Sep 2019

How to Eat an Elephant

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Stop what you are doing. Answer this question — what is one thing standing in your way right now?

Identify that elephant in front of you that won’t budge — we all have one. Let’s talk about it. I’ve dealt with my fair share of elephants. Today, I’m here to share my experience of how to overcome these giants. I want to share an elephant that we may have in common.
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