1Apr 2021

Success Starts With Passion: How to Build a Business Doing What You Love

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I wake up every morning knowing I'll be conquering the day doing what I love. The statistic I always tell people is, ⅓ of your life is spent working, so you better love what you do.  I’m not going to convince you to do anything you don’t want to do. That’s up to you.  "My passion is to help others succeed." Look, I’ve always been a passionate person. For me, passion is maximizing my life and getting the most out of everything. My passion is going hard at everything I do. It’s my fuel; it’s my energy. It’s me giving 100% of myself every day.  Today starts a 3-part series on how to find your true passion and purpose to begin building your legacy. I will show [...]

1Apr 2021

How to Channel Your Passions Into a Purpose: 6 Questions to Find Your Why

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#LetsGo! is one of my favorite catchphrases in life. I’m serious. #LetsGo isn’t just how I end my blogs. Ask anyone in my life; when someone is excited and shares a plan or an idea with me, my response is immediate:  #LetsGo! In the last blog, “Success Starts With Passion: How to Build a Business Doing What Your Love,” I talked about the importance of identifying what motivates you. I had you brainstorm about what excites you the most and what gets you up in the morning. That was the easy part. But passion isn't enough to keep the momentum going. You must follow your passion with purpose. Your purpose is your why. The challenge I have for all of you reading this today is to turn [...]

26Mar 2021

Struggling to Succeed in Business and other Relationships? The Health Trifecta is What's Missing…

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I embrace failure.  I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the truth. I look at failure as a way to see things I didn’t see the first time around. When I go at it again -- and chances are I will --  I am far more prepared. Now, I’m not saying that that failure is easy to get through. Just like you, I have to deal with the feelings of ego-crushing disappointments when a failure happens. Clearly, I hadn’t planned to fail. But, for reasons that I then uncover, I did. But, whatever. I get back up.  Make no mistake: I know it’s a struggle to break through to the other side of failure. No question. But here’s the thing: it’s during that struggle that I take [...]

10Mar 2021

Health Trifecta Blog Series: Part 2 – Making Amends with Your Mental Health

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I can’t stand when I am not sharp and entirely on point.   I must be mentally clear and keep track of all of the balls I have in the air. But, once in a while, one will drop. And, I get it: we all can get burnt out, and things can fall to the wayside. That’s normal. I can’t stand when I am the one who drops any ball. But, when I drop the ball, I make a conscious choice to take a step back and see what’s up. Dropping one ball is one thing, but dropping many balls is entirely another. And I get it: letting balls drop increasingly is not a conscious decision that someone is making. But, it could be the sign of something [...]

4Mar 2021

Health Trifecta Blog Series: Part 1 – Redefine Your Physical Health

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Maybe more than any other time in our lives, people are consciously focusing on their health. And, I think it’s about time!  What does the word health mean to you? Chances are you will answer “my body.” I’ve always been curious that the word “physical” always comes to mind when we say the word health. It’s why we eat right, why we work out, and why we take care of our bodies. We want to look great, not get sick, and live a long life. “Healthy” means all of that -- and for most of us, saying we are “healthy” means our physical health. But health is far more than that. Health is a trifecta. The physical part is only one-third of being truly healthy.   "It’s time [...]

24Feb 2021

Execution Blog Series: Part 3 – Making Your Goals a Reality

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  In Part 1 of my Execution series, which is titled: Creating a Road Map to Your Goals... you put pen to paper and reflected on 2020: you identified what goals fell through the cracks and re-assessed their priority in light of the shifts that have happened. In Part 2 of my Execution series, which is titled: The Blueprint of Success... I explained the SMART Goal Setting System, and you prioritized and organized your goals in terms of importance. Now, let’s bring it all home. Let’s get to work. Let’s execute the last section. Assignment: Get out your work from Execution Blog #2. (Remember you organized your goals into 6 different categories -- This Week, This Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year). Cross out This Week and [...]

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