3Aug 2021

How to Fail Forward with a Growth Mindset Professionally and Personally

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How to Fail Forward? “Adopt a Growth Mindset.” “Leave your fixed mindset behind and take on a growth mindset.” "Failure is not an option." "Failure is not an option." We’ve all heard these quips before and likely spent less than a minute contemplating what they mean. On the surface, the advice seems simple: you either feel stuck—fixed—or you grow. Not much else to understand, right? On the contrary, I believe it should be every business executive’s goal to spend some time thinking about what these terms mean and how they can be applied in their lives and leadership because these terms aren’t just about growing versus standing still. They are about one of my favorite subjects: failure. Let’s start by reviewing how these two characterizations of mindsets [...]

19Jul 2021

Three Tips To Crush Personal Branding!

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Few things are more important than your personal brand. Your resume is not. Your alma mater is not. The number of followers you have? No way. And that killer photo you posted that garnered 50,000 likes? Nope, not that either. And there’s a reason. Your personal brand precedes you, and it stays around after you leave. It’s what you stand for, the values you embrace, and the way in which you express those values. It’s how people learn about you, and it’s how they will remember you. By definition, it is you. And that’s exactly why you should spend time thinking about it and developing it. It may just be the most important thing you can do for your reputation and your career. Today, I want to [...]

15Jun 2021

Is Your Networking Circle Elevating Your Success? If Not, This Is For You.

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  Our goal of this series is to create a culture of connection by forming relationships that elevate your success. In the first blog, Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Show You Your Future. How to Build Strategic Relationships and Networks, you created a personalized framework of what you need in a networking circle in order to grow. Then you used the framework to identify how you can create a culture of success by forming your circle in the second blog, Outgrowing Your Networking Circle? Do This to Create an Environment for Success. In this final part of my “Show me your circle, I’ll show you your future” series, I will discuss the ongoing review of that circle—the relationship circle: both personally and professionally. We need to take responsibility for [...]

2Jun 2021

Outgrowing Your Networking Circle? Do This to Create an Environment for Success.

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In this blog series, Show Me Your Friends, I’ll Show You Your future, our goal is to build and sustain a networking circle that positions you to be a leader, form relationships with influential people, and become the greatest version of yourself. In the first blog, How to Build Strategic Relationships and Networks, I taught you how to identify your value system and think about how the people in your current circle fit in it. The phrase, "Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future,” means knowing yourself: your morals, your ethics, your character, and surrounding yourself with people who similarly view life. When I see your friends, it will give me tremendous insight into who you are.  Think of these people as your team. Your [...]

5May 2021

Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Show You Your Future. How to Build Strategic Relationships and Networks

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Today starts a 3-part series on building meaningful and strategic relationships and networks. Ok, let’s do this. Get out a piece of paper and a pencil. Write a list of everyone you are close to, both personally and professionally: family members, friends, work colleagues, clients, community. Anyone you feel is part of your many circles right now. It could be an extensive list. Take your time, and write it out.  Look at that list. Underline the ones you are closest to. Your confidants: the ones you trust, the ones you feel have your back. Now, make a list of 1-10. Write out your most important values -- work ethics, spirituality, morals, character, etc. --  within yourself. Words like respect. Loyalty. Character. Courage. Love. Me? Giving is a [...]

15Apr 2021

How to Turn Your Passion into Purpose and Build a Lasting Legacy

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In this blog series, Building A Legacy With Passion and Purpose, we have laid out a roadmap to find your passion, fuel your purpose, and build your legacy.  In the first blog, Success Starts With Passion: How to Build a Business Doing What You Love, I taught you how to integrate passion into not only your career but every aspect of your life. In the second blog, How to Channel Your Passions Into a Purpose: 6 Questions to Find Your Why,  I challenged you to channel your passions into a purpose to dig deeper and execute concrete actions.  I want to end the 3rd blog of this series, How to Turn Your Passion into Purpose and Build a Lasting Legacy, by defining the word legacy. Legacy is [...]

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