13Nov 2020

Confidence Blog Series: Part 3 – The Power of Being a Mentor

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The journey to true confidence is not a solo path.  Being truly confident means you must become a guide for others. Three weeks ago, I started this 3-part series about confidence, giving my personal viewpoint of what it is and isn’t, and advice on how to get it. Remember: confidence may or may not be something that is innate. And, who cares if it isn’t?  It’s your personal responsibility to increase your confidence if deep down you know it’s one of your struggles. No matter what your baseline at birth was.  For many of you, the story may have ended there. Nope! The final piece of true confidence is to become a beacon to assist others to find it within themselves.  Look -- again -- I firmly [...]

30Oct 2020

Confidence Blog Series: Part 2 – Confidence Starts with You

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Last week I challenged you to dig deep into your past to remember times when you truly felt confident. If you missed last week's post titled, Part 1 - The Myth of Confidence. Please check it out! Now, a week later, do you feel that exercise changed the way you view yourself and the world? Did you change patterns in your life? Did you move forward with a different air about you?  Chances are, you read my blog, and agreed with everything I said (of course you did. I said it! LOL). But, after reading it, you may have gone about your busy day and continued your current pattern of how you view yourself and your life.      Look I get it, changing your [...]

7Oct 2020

Confidence Blog Series: Part 1 – The Myth of Confidence

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I have received a great deal of amazing feedback about my last blog on being fearless --  or FEARING LESS. So, I’ve decided to take a topic from now on and run with it over the course of a few weeks to really get deep into the meat of things. All the support got my gears grinding- So, I've decided to begin a mini blog series for you all. Each topic I dive into will consist of three parts, at the end of the series you all will be a part of a bigger picture --  a virtual workshop where I talk about ways to improve your skills, stay successful and personal experiences that worked for me! I know, I know...super cool, right?     [...]

22Sep 2020

Step Up and Fear Less

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  Can you remember the last time you hesitated on doing something because you were fearful of the outcome? Did you let the idea stay an idea or did you push through the emotions and go for it? The emotion of fear can obstruct your mindset and vision of the bigger picture. If you go into a situation with failure on your mind then you are bound to fall. Think about winning instead. Think about the success that can come from trying, even if the situation doesn't go as planned. It’s ok if it doesn't work out the way you hope, but only if you get back on your feet after. There is no winning or losing, there is only trial and error which both lead to [...]

18May 2020

Facing the Brave New World

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  We’re going through an extraordinary time, not only in our lifetimes, but in the entire history of humanity. Suddenly, in the last few months and blindly out of nowhere, we are united in dealing with the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Who knew this word — unheard of before a few months ago — would be part of so many conversations with friends, colleagues, and family? Virtually all aspects of our life now revolve around how to maneuver around all of it. This is an intense time. But, I’m not writing about the virus. I am writing to challenge you to change your mindset about the virus. I challenge you to look at COVID-19 as a catalyst to tremendous creativity, prosperity and growth. I challenge you to break [...]

24Mar 2020

What's Stopping Your Success

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There are two words I never say. Those words are - " I Can't." I'm not kidding. You will never hear me say those words. As a kid, my parents empowered me to do anything that I put my mind to. They allowed me to make mistakes and learn many lessons the "hard way." This was on purpose, because they knew as an adult no one would be there to hold my hand. They knew that having an empowered mindset would allow me to learn from my own experiences. This taught me to truly embrace failure. Below, I share how eliminating the words "I Can't" from YOUR vocabulary can be liberating both personally and professionally. (PLUS I share what two words you should replace them with!) Have [...]

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